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Give your running shoes a second chance



Keen runner and active campaigner for greater levels of physical activity amongst Britain’s adult population has today launched a National campaign to remove 1m pairs of running shoes from landfill.

It is estimated that each year in the region of 33 million pairs of running shoes find their way into the rubbish heap. Whilst some of these are definitely at the end of their useful life, many more can be cleaned, repaired and given a second chance.

Keen runner and founder of a free running platform that helps members find a walking, jogging or running partner near them, realised that the success of his own platform in getting people into greater levels of activity was at risk of contributing to the problem.

Tony said “having successfully created a platform to help people buddy-up for a walk, jog and run which is now in 120 countries, I realised that I was potentially adding to the problem. The solution was obvious, and so, I am delighted to have launched “Jog on” – our national campaign to remove running shoes from landfill; starting with the initial ambition of removing 1 million pairs. explains the details and encourages members of the public to mail in their running shoes. Jog on has also launched a number of partnerships who will have a collection box, the first of such partnerships was launched today with Birmingham University.

Andy Allford, University of Birmingham’s Director of Sports said “We are delighted to be supporting this national campaign to remove running shoes from landfill. This is a campaign that totally aligns with sustainability values and where better to kick this campaign off than with a vibrant university community at the heart of the city which will later this year, play host to the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games”

In closing, Tony Piedade said, “runners now have a gilt free way of parting with their running shoes by following three easy steps; Pair the running shoes, tie the laces together tightly and post them to JogOn HQ. We will take care of the rest”

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