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I remember the day I read the article in the Guardian which claimed that it can take up to 1,000 years to degrade a pair of running shoes in landfill. Having set up in 2009 a platform to help people buddy up to get more active, I was worried I was contributing to the problem...  Then I realised that perhaps I should just do something about it. 

I decided on a Wednesday, built the website over the weekend and told my wife on Monday that we would start to collect old shoes in the garage! ( that was an interesting conversation !)

The rest, as they say is history.  I have always said, I am just a guy with a garage!  This campaign continues to be a huge success not because of me, but because of the amazing partners that make the campaign their own!

Thank you!  You are AMAZING!

Keep 'em coming!


There are in the region of 18bn pairs of running shoes sold in the world every year.  That's the equivalent to 2 pairs of running shoes per person on earth.  Yet, there are millions who have no shoes and suffer terribly from sole diseases. 

It is not an easy to be precise, but we believe that some 30+ million pairs of shoes end up in landfill every year!  Many of these shoes have a lot of life left in them!  We would like to do our bit, to get them to those who need them.

We have partnered with logistics and distribution partners to get running shoes to some 15 destinations around the world.

Our short term aim will be to get 1m pairs out of landfill.

So, look in that cupboard, garage, under the bed.  They may be old to you, but we will give them another chance with someone else.

Thank you for your support

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